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Digital Marketing Service

Website Design

We focus on modern, functional and affordable web design, that allows your message to shine through by using a minimalist approach.
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  • Starting at $349
  • Modern, Responsive Designs
  • Includes Hosting, Domain & Email
  • Free Updates, Backup & SEO*

Social Media

Managing your social media adds another item to your long list of things to do. No worries, we can handle it for you, and make sure it ties in with the rest of your plan.
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  • Create/Redesign Your Social Pages
  • Place You In Google Search Results
  • Post To Your Accounts For You
  • Report Feedback Regularly

Digital Marketing Service
Digital Marketing Service

Digital Marketing

You have a great product & a great website; now what? It’s time to tell the world! We’ll work with you to develop a message that will grab everyone’s attention.
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  • Branding/Re-Branding
  • Online Advertising, Facebook/Google/Etc
  • Setting Up Email Lists
  • Reputation Management

Strategic Planning

In today’s world, you need a plan to differentiate yourself from the competition. We can help put all of the pieces together, to make sure your covering all of the angles.
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  • Short/Long Term Goal Setting
  • Top-Down Marketing
  • Business Services

Digital Marketing Service
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Business Services

Your Website and marketing depend on some other services to be successful, so we’ve partnered with a few industry leaders to make sure you don’t have to go searching for them. Your businesses phones are usually the primary way your audience will try and reach you. Having a dependable, flexible solution, that can grow with your business is crucial.

We have several partners, with features specific to helping you grow your business online and otherwise; and they can usually save you a few bucks too! Another critical component is your companies email. We’ve partnered with Microsoft, In Motion Hosting and Mailchimp to provide their enterprise class email services, like Exchange, Microsoft Office 365 and automated email response.

Microsoft Office 365
Phone Service

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Content Creation

content is king

The most beautiful website in the world does almost no good if you don’t have meaningful, engaging content to back it up. We will work with you to fully understand your business, and the message you are trying to convey to your audience.
Then, we’ll go back to the lab, and put together a content plan for you that makes your message jump off the screen. We can also work with you to re-write your websites content if you already have something you love visually.
Check out The Marketing Donut for some self start ideas!

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